Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So It Begins - Swine Flu Art

Mike Simi, Self Portrait (green), Archival inkjet Print, 24' x 36'  

I found this artist on www.artsjournal.com,  a blog I read every day.  This piece is highly amusing to me.  Simi does a wonderful job of addressing the graveness of the Swine Flu situation while simultaneously demonstrating a) the reaction of the media and b) media saturation in any dire global situation. 

Apart from the Swine Flu context Self Portrait (green), is a beautiful composition of bright, playful colors portrayed in little puffs which are huddles together happily protecting the subjects facial orifices.  The vibrant concoction of balls is contradicted by the somber expression of the wearer.  The duality is simple and profound.  Millions of things can be read into it yet it can also be taken at face value and enjoyed.   
Artist's Website: www.mikesimi.com

After finding this piece I did a quick Google search for more Swine Flu Art.  My search was not completely in vain, I found an interesting video of pig sketches which become the portrait of The Mexican President, Felipe Calderon.  

View the video here:  www.ireport.com

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