Friday, May 15, 2009

Abandoned Buildings, ETC.

From Another Bouncing Ball - Wu Guanzhong: Abandoned Places, Isolated Lives

I enjoyed the collection of images in this blog post from Another Bouncing Ball. All of the images are city/landscapes from different artists. The images represented very nicely demonstrate a flow between the artists. I love that such different artists work end up coming together so nicely when the subject matter is similar. The images are very diverse but wonderfully cohesive.

See the images HERE.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Political WINE

Wine is art. Art is politics. These are rough generalizations that I am currently making due to my love for some of the labels on L. Mawby wine.

Please behold these two images both are from a blog I am following The Wineauxs.

L. Mawby, OBAMA

Read About It: The Wineauxs
Visit The Winery: L. Mawby

L. Mawby, US Sparkling Wine

Read About It: The Wineauxs
Visit The Winery: L. Mawby

My dear friend and favorite foodie, Marty, turned me onto The Wineauxs and the OBAMA wine.

Marty's Blogs: The Blue Bottle & Lovely Oeneophilia

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Barack Obama or Marilyn Monroe?

Too much?

I have to say, this image is integrated in very nicely but I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of nibbling on my oatmeal in the morning while the world's most powerful leader stares down at me. That being said, they integrated him in beautifully! The room is fantastic.

I found this on DESIGN SPONGE! Visit this blog, it's wonderful!

Would you rather dine with Marilyn Monroe or Barack Obama staring down at you?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So It Begins - Swine Flu Art

Mike Simi, Self Portrait (green), Archival inkjet Print, 24' x 36'  

I found this artist on,  a blog I read every day.  This piece is highly amusing to me.  Simi does a wonderful job of addressing the graveness of the Swine Flu situation while simultaneously demonstrating a) the reaction of the media and b) media saturation in any dire global situation. 

Apart from the Swine Flu context Self Portrait (green), is a beautiful composition of bright, playful colors portrayed in little puffs which are huddles together happily protecting the subjects facial orifices.  The vibrant concoction of balls is contradicted by the somber expression of the wearer.  The duality is simple and profound.  Millions of things can be read into it yet it can also be taken at face value and enjoyed.   
Artist's Website:

After finding this piece I did a quick Google search for more Swine Flu Art.  My search was not completely in vain, I found an interesting video of pig sketches which become the portrait of The Mexican President, Felipe Calderon.  

View the video here:

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Notte Sento - Short Film

View Notte Sento Here:

In honor of our departure for the Jeonju International Film Festival tomorrow I thought I would make a quick post of this short film composed of still shots. This sweet piece is based in a city very close to my heart, Rome. When I watched it I got tingles as the young woman entered the train station in Rome, the first foreign place to which I have ever been - it is a special place to me. Our experiences continue to be similar in that we were both whisked away by men who briskly introduce the main sites of Roma. Sadly the likeness of experiences end here - my whisk man was a cab driver and I was a scuzzy American straight off the plane. . . .

I hope you enjoy this. It put a smile on my face and from the previews of our line-up this weekend Notte Sento might be the most smiley film I am seeing this week.

This was also reviewed on Brevity 5.